How To Pack The Origin Duffle Bag

How To Pack The Origin Duffle Bag

Trying to stay organised and deciding what to pack often causes unnecessary headaches which we all want to avoid. Being strategic can be the difference between a chaotic trip and a seamless one with everything at your fingertips.

Whether you're going away for a few nights and need a weekender bag, working out and need a gym bag or travelling and need a perfect sized duffle bag we've got you covered. The Origin Duffle is an essential luggage piece that facilitates efficient packing and takes away the stress of organising your bag.

Go Get All Your Gear

Once you have laid out your essentials you are ready to start your packing process. The next step is to customise your dividers. It is important to know what you are packing first so you can optimise the space within the bag (see video below on how to correctly insert and remove the dividers).

Once you have your dividers customised and your clothes laid out you are ready to begin packing.

Time To Pack

The heavier items are always the best place to start. We suggest starting with shoes, storing them at either end of the bag to maximise space in the middle for clothing or other items. Whether you like to roll or fold your clothing the adjustable dividers cater for all needs.

Folding Method

Start by folding all your clothes and placing them in piles next to the bag. Precise stacking is key. When folding your clothing aim to have all the pieces the same size so when they are stacked they are easy to place in the bag. Fold and stack all your clothing and stand the whole pile vertically within the bag. You can see this in the picture below! Repeat this technique with larger items like jackets and jeans.


Rolling Method

They say that you can pack more when you roll your clothing! This technique was inspired by Marie Kondo. Lay out and roll all your clothing. Now begin placing each piece within the bag, adding each item vertically on top of the previous one.



The inner wall sleeve allows for the safe storage of computers and books. Remember to put your personal belongings (keys, wallet, phone or any other small items) in the zip pockets located inside the lid. Finally, don't forget any chargers you may need, if left out it could be fatal. The easy access to your travel essentials make the fold out lid perfect when you're on the go.

Now You Are Ready To Go!

As a tip, remember to leave the adjustable dividers in place inside the duffle bag when empty to preserve its structure.

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